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Facebook Change to User Emails is Case Study in the Limits of Spin

June 29, 2012 1 comment

The Bait and Switch

As you’re likely aware, recently Facebook changed the email settings of all users so that the email they signed up with is no longer visible – replaced by their email address.  The company rolled out an email service back in 2010.  My guess is that adoption was lagging so given the new pressure they’re under as a result of their IPO to monetize the service, they made the switch.

They’re perfectly entitled to do this; after all they’re a private company providing a free service to users.

HOWEVER, what you’re ENTITLED to do and what you SHOULD do are two completely different things.

MOREOVER, WE do not control the language – THE PEOPLE DO (in this case, the users). Read more…

Mining vs. Recycling Users – Why Google+ Has Topped 20 Million Users in Three Weeks

July 26, 2011 2 comments
Facebook's Done the Mining - Google is Doing the Recycling

Facebook’s Done the Mining – Google is Doing the Recycling

It was big news this week that in a scant three weeks, Google+ has attracted over 20 million users.  This is an impressive by any standard; it likely sets the record for adoption of a new social networking/mass media platform.  That stat becomes more remarkable when you realize that it’s still in Beta and isn’t available to the general public (it requires an invite).

It’s important, however, to frame the achievement in the proper context because it has far-reaching implications for social media as a whole.

The reality is that the speed with which Google+ was able to attract members is almost entirely due to the social networks that came before it – chief among them Twitter and Facebook.  In turn, Twitter and Facebook can credit platforms like MySpace and Friendster, which can credit CollegeClub and SixDegrees. Read more…