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Too Legit to Quit QR Codes (Don’t do it Just to do it)

May 10, 2011 Leave a comment

[This post is featured at Grand Rapids Social Diary as a guest editorial for May 24, 2011!]

Hammer ... err ... QR Code Time!

QR or “Quick Response” codes have been around Asia since 1994, and a few years ago they finally started to pop up in the US.  There was a brief period a couple of years ago where they were a fad (a way for the tech savvy to show off).

Sadly, just like the ascot or Hammer Pants, that time has passed.  If you want to use QR codes now, you’ll want to have a very specific, well-defined strategy that makes use of their unique properties.

Here are some questions you’ll want to ask yourself: Read more…

No Business Cards? How About Your QR Code?

March 8, 2010 6 comments

Derek DeVries QR Code

QR (“quick response”) Codes are bar codes that can be scanned by most newer mobile phones (with cameras) to quickly transfer information. It’s pretty simple; you turn on the QR reader (which will use your phone’s camera) and the phone will recognize and decode the information contained in the barcode.  The new version(s) of Blackberry messenger incorporate QR codes to speed up the process of adding friends (it’s way better than trying to sync PINs).  The example above is basically my email signature as a QR code.

You’re likely already starting to see them plastered everywhere (I’m going to make sure I have mine on my next run of personal business cards).  If you want to generate your own QR code, (via Lifehacker) has a free one you can use (you can then save the file as an image and use it however you see fit):