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Five Reasons why Microsoft’s Googlighting Parody is an Epic Fail

February 21, 2012 7 comments

Microsoft and Google are currently engaged in a battle over business productivity software; Microsoft Office vs. Google Docs.  Here’s Microsoft’s attempt at humor:

Here’s why this first salvo is an epic fail:

1. Who gets the “Moonlighting” reference? (I’m a TV nerd – I don’t count).  That show ended its run in 1989.  Could they have possibly picked a less culturally-relevant theme?  What’s next – an “Alf” gag?  Here’s some context for anyone under the age of 53 so you can “get the joke”:

2. “You want us to be your lab rats?” “Pioneers.”  I’d rather be Google’s lab rat, knowing that a FREE product isn’t fully-developed rather than plunk down a ridiculous amount of money for Microsoft’s products that are in constant need of patches and fixes (and which don’t even communicate with each other).  Don’t get me started on XBox Live…

3. The video is hosted ON YOUTUBE.  Which Google owns.  So Microsoft’s argument is “Google’s products is inferior – that’s why we use them?”  Derpity derp derp.

4. One of the jabs Microsoft lobs at Google is an attack on cloud computing.   Cloud computing … like Microsoft 365 360? (Microsoft’s answer to the growing popularity of Google Docs).

5. Google killed off Wave and Buzz?  So … how is that different from Microsoft’s own versions of Office 2007 not being backwards compatible without patches?

Good luck Microsoft – you’re going to need it given that apparently your ad agency is actually staffed by people who look and act like John Hodgman’s PC parody.  Can’t wait to see what Google comes up with in response.