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I Need a ShamWow to Clean up After Planet Money’s Hack Job on Jonathan Coulton (A Rebuttal)

June 1, 2011 Leave a comment
JoCo and I

Disclosure: I'm Biased.

NPR’s Planet Money recently featured one of my all-time favorite musicians, Jonathan Coulton, in a segment done on the Internet’s effect on the music industry (“The Friday Podcast: Is This Man a Snuggie?“), produced by Alex Blumberg. NPR Music commentators Jacob Ganz and Frannie Kelley essentially wrote off Coulton’s success as a fluke, concluding with some flimsy analysis that the Internet is bad for the music industry.

Jonathan Coulton replied in great detail on his blog and it’s probably more eloquent and concise than my response, but I was so full of white-hot, self-righteous indignation that I had to publish something.

I found myself grinding my teeth during the segment; usually I have to turn to Fox News or AM talk radio to find this level of uninspired, ignorant blather.

EVERYTHING about their analysis was wrong; even the titular metaphor. In lazily grasping for a metaphor to describe Coulton, the Snuggie was settled on in spite of the fact that it’s a traditional product marketed and sold in a very traditional fashion via the mainstream media (that one customer can’t understand the appeal a product holds for another consumer – which lends it the ‘fluke’ status – is irrelevant). Read more…