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Will Social Media Marketers Become Obsolete Middle Men?

August 16, 2012 Leave a comment

The Point Where "Middle" Parties Become Irrelevant is where Easier Use / More Powerful Tools intersects With Increased  User Expertise

Demand for Social Media Marketing has exploded in the past decade as brands struggle to reach audiences beyond the increasingly-fractured traditional media consuming public.  Right now Social Media Marketers are able to take advantage of the public’s overwhelming ignorance about communicating via social media and get paid to navigate those spheres for their clients.

It won’t last forever.  It may not even last another decade.

Think of the travel industry.  Before ‘teh interwebz’ information used to be scarce, so it made sense to pay someone else with expertise to navigate the complicated pricing schemes and array of accommodations providers to do it for you.  Flash-forward to the year 2000 when the web came into its own in terms of providing easier ways to book airline tickets, hotel rooms and car rentals (as well as recommendation sites chock full of free expertise and reviews).  This great graphic from the Cleveland Plain Dealer says it all: Read more…

Advertising Alongside a Parody of Yourself: the Power of the Semantic Web

September 14, 2010 Leave a comment

The "Goldstein Advantage" Parody Video from John Kerfoot

A good friend tipped me off to the site “Not so Pure Michigan” – which parodies the brilliant and popular “Pure Michiganadvertising campaign run by the state, featuring the voice of Tim Allen.  Among the ribbing the parody site gives to U of M football fans, Grosse Pointe, and Construction Season is a parody of the commercials for well-known Michigan ambulance chase…err…civil litigator, Sam Bernstein.

Bernstein has recently begun featuring his children in his ads, as they’ve joined his law practice.  That prompted this less-than-P.C. parody:

Here’s the thing though; the Bernstein Law Firm uses Google ads, and they show up on the Not So Pure Michigan site:

The Bernstein Law Firm Advertising on via Google Ads

I’m not the only person to notice this either:

A post from someone else who saw a Bernstein Law Firm Google Ad appear on the video mocking the firm.

Advertising alongside a web video that ruthlessly mocks a handicap of one’s family member is either a brilliant bit of cutthroat advertising strategy, or an example of how clumsily wielding the power of the semantic web can go horribly wrong.

Either way, it’s another great reminder of the interesting times we live in.