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Am I Secretly Driving you Away With my Updates? – Good

October 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Unfollow Me on Twitter

Jesse Stanchak at Smartblog on Social Media recently posted a blog entry giving advice on how to retain followers on social media (“How you’re secretly driving away your followers — and what you can do to stop it”).

While it’s certainly important to make sure your messages suit the medium they’re using, I have two points of disagreement with this advice:

1) Self-Censorship Reduces Authenticity (Authenticity is the Currency of Social Media)

As I noted in the comments, the problem with logic like this is that it’s operating under the assumption that bigger is better. It’s the sort of logic that has made network TV unwatchable by aiming for the “least objectionable program” (LOP) standard developed in the 1960s for television audiences. While that’s okay for some people for whom that is their appeal (say a milquetoast like Ryan Seacrest) but for the vast majority that’s not how social media operates most effectively. Read more…