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We are the Next Killer App

January 5, 2011 1 comment

Given the telescoping nature of evolution, it’s damn hard to make any predictions about the future.  There is, however, one prescription we can follow: creativity is essential.

We’re entering an era where it’s less important to have the technical skills to do the back-end coding that creates compelling storytelling, and much more important to be able to innovate and be able to think creatively in the use of those technologies.

Daniel Pink and other thinkers have written extensively about our transition from a society where the left brain dominates to one where the right brain takes over.  The industrial age mindset that pulled us away from our agrarian, tribal roots is giving way to a right-brained world where we are loosed from the need to have intimate expertise in the technologies we are using in order to communicate with them.

Take, for example,  It’s a site that allows you to create short movies using computer-generated characters.  You can choose from a variety of characters, scenes, background noise, facial expressions, gestures, etc. and the script you type out is .  It was recently used to create a pretty hilarious snark-filled portrayal of journalism students that was circulated by a variety of social media aggregators.

This is just the beginning.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to check out Sir Ken Robinson’s fantastic TED lecture “Do Schools Kill Creativity?”  He illustrated this phenomenon (and how it’s challenging the traditional model of education to respond):

If you’re looking for opportunities, look for creative people. Look for the right-brained, D&D-playing, insect-watching, action figure-collecting, “I-think-better-with-my-socks-off” kind of people.