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Revoking my Own Mayorship on Foursquare

August 30, 2011 5 comments

I’ve been using the geolocation check-in social networking platform Foursquare since November 10, 2009 – long before it was available in the area I lived in.  I’ve racked up numerous badges and mayorships in that time, and it was great reluctance that I decided to revoke my own mayorship of Grand Rapids Community College today.

It needed to happen, however.

Revoking my Foursquare Mayorship

Now that Foursquare has reached a critical mass of users (in April of 2010 it reached 1 million and now it has 10 million users), it no longer needs early adopters to promote it and spur use in many more places.  There are now people (students in our case) checking in on a daily basis, once that happens the venue should become a place for the “customers” of an organization – not so much its employees.

The reasons for this are obvious: Foursquare exists to drive engagement with an organization or brand and it’s primarily the customers that those organizations need to drive engagement with.  There are still many opportunities to use it as an employee relations tool (creating special sites for employees to check in, and ways to offer rewards to those employees) – so if you’ve reached the tipping point, it’s time to shift how you use Foursquare to accommodate the growth.

Best of luck, prospective GRCC Mayors – may your signal strength be strong, and your checkins swift and lag-free.


Too Legit to Quit QR Codes (Don’t do it Just to do it)

May 10, 2011 Leave a comment

[This post is featured at Grand Rapids Social Diary as a guest editorial for May 24, 2011!]

Hammer ... err ... QR Code Time!

QR or “Quick Response” codes have been around Asia since 1994, and a few years ago they finally started to pop up in the US.  There was a brief period a couple of years ago where they were a fad (a way for the tech savvy to show off).

Sadly, just like the ascot or Hammer Pants, that time has passed.  If you want to use QR codes now, you’ll want to have a very specific, well-defined strategy that makes use of their unique properties.

Here are some questions you’ll want to ask yourself: Read more…