Chart – Social Media Platforms by Number of Users

I threw this chart together for a presentation I’m doing; it includes current numbers for some of the more prominent social networking platforms (including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Spotify, Wikipedia, Foursquare, Pandora, Digg, etc.).  Hopefully I’ll be able to kick out updated versions every few months. [Updated to include MySpace – originally I had left them off because they’re the only major social networking platform that has actually lost users.]

Visualizing Social Media Platforms by Number of Users

12 thoughts on “Chart – Social Media Platforms by Number of Users

  1. rowdy says:

    the first thing i thought was, wow, if you could just get a dollar a month out of each person using just one of these sites……


  2. not_rowdy says:

    are users based on unique IP visits/day (or month) or by registered user or by some number generated by the platform itself? just curious.


  3. Tim Penning says:

    It would be interesting also to compare not just users (i.e. people who have accounts on each platform) but retention (people who actually continue to use each platform after an initial impulse to get an account), frequency (how many times per day/week/month they engage–I know it’s much higher for Twitter and FB than LI and G+), as well as type of user and use (individuals for personal social uses vs organizations as part of a communications plan with objectives etc) and corporate/gov’t/nonprofit.

    But all that might make a mess of your neat graphic :-)


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  5. Victoria Richardson (@victoriajane) says:

    Hello. I love this graphic and would like to stick it in a report that I’m writing for a bank (with proper link and ref to source, naturally) but am confused by the number of Twitter users. A national newspaper in the UK reports official figures from Twitter citing 140 million active accounts
    Just wondered whether you have any comment on this as the article figures are later than your diag.


    1. Derek DeVries says:

      [Updated: I misread the article and updated my response] Victoria – Thanks for reading – I’m honored. The disparity is likely that the graphic I created depicts total users globally, and the Guardian article you’re referencing refers only to users in the UK (which represent 140 million of the 500 million total). Also, I believe my numbers are for total accounts, not necessarily eliminating “inactive” users (which can be tricky to define).

      Hope that helps!


      1. Victoria Richardson (@victoriajane) says:

        Hi Derek. Manky thanks for replying. There’s such a huge disparity isn’t there – between active accounts and total accounts? I read it several times, wondering whether it was a typo and looked for loads of other sources because the gap between Guardian figures (which are purportedly official Twitter figures) and many other sources, including yours, is so big. I know Facebook recently released info about the nature of accounts too, with a drop in the number of genuine active accounts. I guess some discrepancy is inevitable….just didn’t expect it to be so big!


  6. Kara Ring says:

    Derek, you mentioned you would be sharing updated versions of this report. Do you have an updated version available? I am putting together a presentation for my office on the value of social media and would like to know more current numbers. Thanks!


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