Five Reasons why Microsoft’s Googlighting Parody is an Epic Fail

Microsoft and Google are currently engaged in a battle over business productivity software; Microsoft Office vs. Google Docs.  Here’s Microsoft’s attempt at humor:

Here’s why this first salvo is an epic fail:

1. Who gets the “Moonlighting” reference? (I’m a TV nerd – I don’t count).  That show ended its run in 1989.  Could they have possibly picked a less culturally-relevant theme?  What’s next – an “Alf” gag?  Here’s some context for anyone under the age of 53 so you can “get the joke”:

2. “You want us to be your lab rats?” “Pioneers.”  I’d rather be Google’s lab rat, knowing that a FREE product isn’t fully-developed rather than plunk down a ridiculous amount of money for Microsoft’s products that are in constant need of patches and fixes (and which don’t even communicate with each other).  Don’t get me started on XBox Live…

3. The video is hosted ON YOUTUBE.  Which Google owns.  So Microsoft’s argument is “Google’s products is inferior – that’s why we use them?”  Derpity derp derp.

4. One of the jabs Microsoft lobs at Google is an attack on cloud computing.   Cloud computing … like Microsoft 365 360? (Microsoft’s answer to the growing popularity of Google Docs).

5. Google killed off Wave and Buzz?  So … how is that different from Microsoft’s own versions of Office 2007 not being backwards compatible without patches?

Good luck Microsoft – you’re going to need it given that apparently your ad agency is actually staffed by people who look and act like John Hodgman’s PC parody.  Can’t wait to see what Google comes up with in response.

7 thoughts on “Five Reasons why Microsoft’s Googlighting Parody is an Epic Fail

  1. Shea says:

    – So you would rather not have patches? Your phone, console, computer has patches. New features get added or bugs fixed. I dont get why thats bad?

    – 365 allows you to edit even without being online. Once you are online, the document is saved. Google Docs you have to constantly be online.

    While google is good and Docs is great in a pinch, but its has been around for a long time and the their features really have not grown at all. Google is famous for developing something half-assed and then just forgetting about it.

    Nothing on earth right now can beat Excel. that alone is worth its weight in gold. Wait, how much to bits weigh again? Ah damn it … /sigh

    I loved Moonlighting … that show was awesome. <3


    1. Derek DeVries says:

      Patches are fine – but Microsoft is pretending they release a perfect product every time when in reality every piece of their software always being changed and improved (just like Google’s suite of products). That was one of Microsoft’s criticism – that being in beta is bad.

      With Chrome, you can access Google Docs offline just like Office 365 can access the suite of software.

      True – Docs isn’t nearly as complete as Office, but it’s a work in progress and there are amazing updates and features (as well as templates and contributions from users) that are added every day. Most people don’t need the extensive suite of features that MS Office offers (like students) so Google Docs (and OpenOffice) fill a great niche.

      I loved Moonlighting too; I have a serious crush on Cybill Shepherd. :-]


  2. Chaca says:

    Why do people keep picking on the 80’s “Moonlighting” reference – if that is even what this is? Are people under 30 so stupid that they don’t know the definition of the word? Really; I don’t see why one needs to have seen or heard about the show to find this video spectacularly funny and accurate.

    As for the Google product itself, anyone who is used to a fully-functioning office suite with version control, advanced editing, full fonts + formatting, etc., can tell you the product is an abysmal failure. I can see the value for college kids or the casual user sharing documents, but it is not for working professionals. (I am an attorney.)


    1. Derek DeVries says:

      I’m pretty sure it’s a “Moonlighting” TV show reference; the audio of the theme song is very similar, as are the graphics, and the woman interviewing the “Google” individual looks a lot like Cybill Shepherd did in the series (and it’s a similar visual format – her sitting at her desk in her office).

      I actually don’t think it’s a matter of stupid – I think it’s a matter of the term “Moonlighting” sort of falling out of circulation.

      Google Docs is hardly an abysmal failure. In fact, it offers a variety of advantages over Microsoft Office in terms of collaboration on documents and versioning (not to mention online forms). I don’t think it was ever billed as a apples for apples replacement for Office, just a free option for creating slideshows, spreadsheets, word processing etc.

      I’d wager that the vast majority of people who use Microsoft Office don’t need the full suite of options – that’s certainly the case with all the organizations I’ve worked with. I think also the restriction of options is refreshing in an era where the dizzying array of font choices, themes, and clipart have resulted in abysmally-designed documents and slides that obscure more than they illustrate.


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