How to Hack the New Facebook Profile – Updated

[Updated] Facebook again changed its front page (as social networking platforms are wont to do), which means that the dynamics for hacking the front page have changed yet again.  Here’s how to have fun with (or for marketing/pr types – how to “leverage/maximize”) the new Timeline Profile:

1.  Make sure you have the new Timeline.  Your profile should look like this (with the small profile icon and the large, horizontal background):

The New Facebook Timeline Profile
The New Facebook Timeline Profile

2.  If you don’t – you can get instructions on how to sign up for the new Facebook Timeline here.

3.  If you’re graphically-inclined, the world is your oyster.  A lot of clever people have come up with interesting ways to utilize the new profile.  If, like most of us, you’re not graphically-inclined – there are already a number of tools to create customizable background images.

Mashable has an excellent pre/review of them here “Facebook Timeline Customization: 5 Tools for Killer Cover Photos”.  Thus far my favorite one that I’ve used is CoverCanvas; it’s the one I used to create the above image for my background.

[Archived: Hacking the ‘old’ Photo bar Facebook Profile]

If you like doing things the easy way (ie you used the “no clipping” and “invincibility” codes in Doom), Schweppes has an app that will hack the new Facebook profile for you.

New Facebook Profile Hack
It'll be interesting to see how people make use of the new Facebook profile.

All credit due to artist Alexandre Oudin (he first figured this out and after many, many uploads I was able to replicate it).

The trick is to “hide” all of the small profile photos that are showing up, and then separately upload each one of the images as your profile image one-by-one in sequence starting right to left, ending with the large, long profile photo.  Careful about the long left-hand photo – where your eyes are positioned depends on how much biographical junk you have below your name.

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