Why Would You Hire a Social Media Strategy Company That Isn’t Social?

The answer is you wouldn’t.

Yesterday I received a spam email from “Paul” at “Social Brand Online” in my Linkedin inbox.  Here’s the text in it’s mass-produced, cut-and-paste glory:

Hello derek.  [sic]
Have you ever asked yourself these questions? 

1. Why should I like you on Facebook? 
2. Why should I follow you on Twitter? 
3. Why would I value the experience? What would I take away? 
4. Why would I want to stay connected over time? 
5. Why would I choose to engage your updates in my social stream over those of my real friends? 

These questions are what customers are really asking we have answers and solutions. 

Please visit this landing page for more information. 

Let’s connect 

Thank you 

This is a great example of the Social Media Snake Oil a lot of people are peddling.  Beyond the impersonal spam email, there are a number of other things wrong with this organization:

  1. They’re not Social: I can’t find them anywhere on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin – the three platforms they’re promising to set their clients up on.  So either they’re terrible at creating optimized content or they don’t actually drink their own Kool-Aid.
  2. They’re not Optimized: This landing page basically ensures no search engine will ever find it.  The coding is bad, it has no alt text, and it doesn’t link to anything.  Go ahead and do a Google search for “Social Brand Online” – if they actually have a company site beyond this landing page, you won’t be able to find it.
  3. They’re not Accessible: By this I don’t mean handicap-accessible (although they’re not that either – their site fails basic Americans with Disabilities Act standards), I mean able to be contacted.  They have virtually no information on their page about how to reach them; no links, no emails, no phone numbers, no fax numbers, nothing.  All they offer is an online contact form.  They even went so far as to have their domain registrar hide their contact information by proxy registering socialbrandonline.com (I always find it hilarious when spammers worry about being spammed by other people).

As a Social Media Pro, I took the honor of critiquing their landing page for them (pro bono) using Awesome Screenshot by Diigo – a great Chrome app I just ran across:

Social Brand Online Landing Page Critique

Here’s the great part about social media (and why it’s important for organizations to have a large footprint that is optimized for search):

As a result of how poorly-optimized Social Brand Online’s web content is, my blog post criticizing them will ALMOST CERTAINLY show up before their actual web content (because my content IS optimized).


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