Coining a Term – “Burr Tweet”

Burr Tweet (n) : A post on Twitter specifically-engineered to be retweeted and circulated by other users.  Characteristics of Burr Tweets:

  • They add value to multiple users or an entire audience segment
  • They are typically highly-relevant to a specific context (time/place/event)
  • They are around 120 characters so they may be easily re-tweeted (in either format)
Conferences and TweetChats are great places not only to add followers and extend one’s reach, but to find like-minded people who post intelligent, relevant, original content to follow.  One of the ways to rise above the cacophony is to use Burr Tweets as a way of getting attention through the repetition that occurs when you are retweeted.
The idea is to get your tweets to be carried beyond just your sphere of influence, much in the same way plants encase seeds in burrs – with the intention that they be carried in the fur/clothing of animals/humans to new geographic locations.
You don’t have to be a genius to create Burr Tweets, but you do have to be a good listener, have a decent memory, and be a fast typist.  A good sense of humor never hurts either.  When trying to write Burr Tweets, think to yourself “of what I’m listening to now, what would I want to remember for later?” OR “how can I succinctly capture what is being said to relate to other audiences?”
In many cases, the usership of Twitter is so low just the act of live-tweeting quotes, statistics or information from a speaker or event is enough to create Burr Tweets.  For more tech-savvy audiences, you need to work a bit harder but the principles are still the same.

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