O’Dwyer Alleges Copyright Infringement While Infringing Copyrights

Are you ready for a Jack O’Dwyer hypocrisy trifecta?

1. In his latest anti-PRSA screed, Jack O’Dwyer again regurgitates his accusation that the organization owes him money because their research library distributed copies of his work (something most intellectual property law experts would call “fair use” – which is likely why O’Dwyer never bothered to take the issue to court).

What’s particularly hilarious is that O’Dwyer includes an image in his blog post of a dodo in reference to a slight against PRSA:

Screen Capture of O'Dwyer Blog September 19, 2011

In a particularly biting example of hypocrisy, the image O’Dwyer uses is copyrighted by a Wikipedia user named Ballista and he fails to include the proper attribution in his use of the image.

The image in question is actually the first one that pops up in a Google Image search, which is likely how O’Dwyer happened upon it:

Google Image Search for "Dodo Bird"

2. If you’re in the mood for more irony, I might also point out that O’Dwyer’s blog is not compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act in that the images he uses do not contain alt tags which are necessary for the visually-impaired who use screen readers to translate that sort of non-text content for them.

O’Dwyer in the past has savaged PRSA for failing to accommodate his disabilities (an accusation he repeats in this particular blog post).

3. As if those things weren’t enough, O’Dwyer engages in yet another no-no for web publishing in that he takes images from other websites and embeds them in his blog (like the one on this post about United Nations Week which he took from Gothamist.com).  In addition to “stealing” the image without attribution, he adds insult to injury by forcing Gothamist.com to pay the freight every time someone views his blog because it uses their bandwidth to load the image rather than his own:

Gothamist Pirated Image

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