A Willing Casualty of the Age of Radical Transparency: Why Anthony Weiner Needs to go

Anthony Weiner's Weiner

In a bizarre press conference, Democratic Representative Anthony Weiner admitted that he did indeed take a photo of his penis and send it to a young woman (and that this isn’t the first time – likely not the last either).

Anthony Weiner doesn’t need to resign because he went outside the bounds of his marriage to flirt with other women.  Had he disclosed that, he’d likely get to hold on to his job and career (like so many other philandering politicians).

He needs to go because he’s so stupid he actually thought (1) these photos would stay private AND (2) that he could get away with lying about this in a digital age where content has a long shelf life and is instantly shared.

Seriously.  This isn’t even the first time a politician has been taken down by messages pulled from a phone – didn’t soon-to-be-ex-Rep. Weiner learn from Kwame Kilpatrick?

Here are just some of the ways the photos and messages from Weiner could have come out:

  • One of the women goes to the press.
  • An employee of his mobile phone provider leaks them.
  • An employee of any one of the multiple services he’s using to post and transmit the photos (like Yfrog) leaks them.
  • He loses his phone.
  • Someone clones his phone wirelessly as he’s walking through a big city.
  • Someone hacks his laptop or online account where his data is backed up and stored.

We can joke about how stupidity is a prerequisite for working in the legislature, but this is too much.  Weiner’s got to go.

Also – while we’re on the subject – he also needs to be prosecuted for filing a false police report given that he tried to pawn this off on someone allegedly hacking his phone.

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