Yet Another Higher Ed Ranking Site: Find Out Which College Has The “Best Drugs” With

College Ranking Site Whack-a-Mole

College students are an attractive demographic to a lot of people with products to move.  As a result, it seems like every week or so a new college “Ranking” site pops up trying to capture a segment of this important group.

The latest one I’ve run across is  The site should be of interest to public relations people working in higher education because of some of the potentially-controversial categories it ranks schools on, like “Best Parties,” “Best Booze,” and “Best Drugs.”

In examining the site, there’s really no evidence that any actual input went into the ratings the site displays.  There aren’t any individual profiles or reviews, just a series of random numbers.  The link for “Rate a College” doesn’t even work.  The front page purports to show the top schools for the various categories “near” you and unfortunately Hobart And William Smith Colleges, Fairfield University, New York University, Wesleyan University, and Skidmore College rounded out the top five for “Best Drugs.”  If I worked for any of them, I’d Best Drugs

Given the lack of interactivity in the site and the cheap stock photography used, it’s likely the site was built just to game search engines and boost the pagerank for clients.  Even more telling, the RateCollege Facebook Fan Page only has one person that “likes” it: Facebook Fan Page

Coincidentally, the lone Facebook “Fan” (Jim Blalock) happens to be a web developer for Marchex – a company based on the skeezy practice of buying up domain names (ala real estate speculation) and sitting on them in the hope that they eventually become relevant.

Being aware of sites like this is one of the millions of reasons to make Online Reputation Management a part of every PR person’s day.

One thought on “Yet Another Higher Ed Ranking Site: Find Out Which College Has The “Best Drugs” With

  1. Robin Luymes says:

    There are bottom-dwellers in just about every industry. Sites like this cause so much waste (time, effort, brain cells) because some people actually take them seriously which means other people start scrambling around to “do something” about it. You can’t. The best thing to do is concentrate on making the experience with your brand (whether that be a school, a consumer product, or whatever) the very best that it can be so that when people see crap like this they’ll roll their eyes.


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