Guys – Huddle up While the Women are Watching the Royal Wedding

Man Huddle

Bring it in guys.  Closer.  Okay … good.

Looking good Jay; you doing P90X?  … Nevermind – while the women are talking about the royal wedding – we’ve got a minute to ourselves.  I think the guy from “Harry Potter is marrying the girl from “Twilight” or something.  Oh man … they’re already on to debating the cake filling, so we don’t have much time.

Here it is guys: we need to get over this whole “being intimidated by successful women” thing.

Seriously.  Sack up.

They deserve equal treatment, which means equal competition.  How would you feel if you got cut from the team without even getting a try-out?  Exactly.  That’s what’s been going on for women in the US since 1776; the Founding Fathers were great and all – but let’s face it, they didn’t believe women or brown people counted as “we the people” so they clearly weren’t perfect.

Women are getting it from all sides (cosmetics advertisers, each other, water retention), so the last thing they need is us keeping them off the court because we’re worried they might show us up.  Seriously – we’re missing out on a good opportunity because they’re almost always willing to put in a lot more hustle to prove themselves.  That means we get help getting that mound of paperwork done by Friday afternoon so we can knock off a little early.

Thing is – when you hire someone that succeeds – it means you also succeeded by proxy.  It’s pretty sweet.  Being a good judge of talent is a pretty important skill to have – especially for people in leadership.  You should never be afraid to see someone under you get pulled up above you to the majors because your contribution to that process won’t go unnoticed (by the management calling them up, or especially by the person who gets to go to the big show).

Got it?

When have I ever steered you wrong?  Remember the last Man Huddle we had back in ’04 when I said we should all pretend Kiera Knightley is attractive just to get their dander up? – That worked, right?

…. Crap – I think they’re back.  Everybody spit out the Skoal and act natural.  Pretend we were talking about “Call of Duty” or “Band of Brothers” or something.

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