Social Media Tips in the Grand Rapids Business Journal (Director’s Cut)

Grand Rapids Business Journal - "Share This: Local Experts Post social Media Advice for Small Biz"

Grand Rapids Business Journal

I was recently given the opportunity to “drop some science” for small businesses using social media in the Grand Rapids Business Journal thanks to Reporter Liz Slowik.  Here is the full list in case you were thirsting for more:


  1. Conduct both your business and your life as though they could end up on Wikileaks (because they could).
  2. Focus on customer service as one of the most important things you do: as the traditional media fades in influence – word of mouth is replacing it and your interactions with customers are the single most powerful communication opportunity you have with them.
  3. Strive to be authentic and personal. The one-way mass media approach doesn’t fit in social media – you have to be willing to interact with people (they’ve learned to expect it).
  4. Create a large footprint: publish as much good content about yourself & your organization and make sure it’s tagged/indexed well. You can’t predict where/how people will find out about you; increasingly it’s through search so the larger your footprint – the likelier it is that someone will find it.
  5. If your business is geographically-based (like retail or entertainment) – get into Foursquare; you have an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of what will become a pervasive form of brand interaction with consumers.


  • (automatically creates dynamic slideshows set to music from photos/video you upload)
  • (slideware that beats the pants off Powerpoint for creating engaging presentations)
  • (keeps you up on what people are saying about you on Twitter in real-time)

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