Case of Teacher’s Controversial Blog Hits National Media

The national media has grabbed hold of the story of high school English teacher Natalie Munroe, the teacher whose blog (which contained a number of disparaging references to students, co-workers and administrators) was discovered and brought to the attention of school officials.  A couple of days ago, as I was doing research on social media case law, I ran across Munroe’s rebuttal to the current accusations against her.

Munroe appears to have gone on the offensive in other venues than just the blog and is doing media appearances.  The Huffington Post has a story up here with video from ABC News.

The problem for Munroe is that legal precedent does not support her activity.  Since Pickering v. the Board of Education, (in cases like Garcetti v. Ceballos and Richerson v. Beckon) courts haven’t been very friendly to the idea that the First Amendment applies to public employees.

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