“Wikileaks is …”: Public Opinion in the US on the Wikileaks Release

Google "Wikileaks is..." Sentiment
Google "Wikileaks is..." Sentiment

Related to my previous post, one of the other fascinating things to observe about the Wikileaks release of cables from the US to other foreign governments is how the event seems to serve as a blank canvas upon which people can paint their own perspective.

I don’t watch much of the traditional newsmedia, but it seems as though the US public isn’t really of a single, cohesive mind on the case.  This would make sense given that audiences continue to fragment, and the news sources selected by most in the US cater to their particular flavor of opinion.

Check out what Google’s analytical tools show people searching for when referencing Wikileaks:

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It would be interesting to see what context/terms the people of OTHER nations are using to search for Wikileaks information – I’d enjoy seeing screen caps or other analytics data if anyone has it.

2 thoughts on ““Wikileaks is …”: Public Opinion in the US on the Wikileaks Release

  1. mcclaud says:

    In the spirit of 4Chan:


    Anyway, I’m rather disappointed in the reactions of other governments and the American government. There should be some outrage against how we conduct ourselves as Americans oversees, and there should be more anger from foreign governments about what’s been released.


    It’s been the exact opposite. Despite all the Internet babble about it (including my own), it’s been largely focused on villifying Assange and WikiLeaks. There is a move to actually make our communications more secure, to be more secretive. The backlash to WikiLeaks outstrips the backlash agains the US government.

    Granted, diplomacy has been conducted by virtually every country exactly like this for decades, and part of it is that it’s a game that you don’t break the rules in. Exposing cables, and the threat of having your cables exposed, is considered dirty pool by nearly every government in existance. Spying is implied. Pressuring other governments to do your dirty work is implied. But never revealed. If you do, you’re the enemy to world diplomacy.

    I’m enjoying discussing these things with people, even the rednecks and conspiracy nuts. It’s a good thing to talk about, if just to realize how futile things are in modern times. Keep up the good work.


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