O’Dwyer off the Deep End: A Beautiful Mind in its own Words


Hilarious Photo of me on the O'Dywer's Blog
Hilarious Photo of me on the O'Dywer's Blog That I'm Going to Make my Facebook Profile Photo

I’m starting to feel bad for Jack O’Dwyer; in an effort to support the narrative he’s trying to sell that PRSA is undemocratic (APR Fans Rout Unbelievers at Assembly), he published his first story about the PRSA 2010 assembly flash mob (Delegates Recognize Our Reporting) without doing enough research …and now he looks bad.  Rather than admit his misunderstanding, he’s instead opted to believe there’s a massive conspiracy to silence me.  Here’s an excerpt from an email he sent:


“As for Derek DeVries’s explanation of the pen presentations, he now calls himself a “goofball” as well as the others who gave me pens. I would like to talk to them. They may not agree.

This is only one person’s opinion. Somebody must have put a lot of pressure on him. He says this was arranged by “a bunch of goofballs.” Is that who is in the Assembly? Then he says PRSA had nothing to do with it. No one said this was an official action of the board.”

To that end, he’s been attempting to intimidate me via email and voicemail to admit to the nonexistent conspiracy – and now he’s published a blog post all about me (We’re Nutty and Inaccurate, Says Delegate).

In the interest of letting people judge for themselves what’s up, I present the bizarre, rambling voicemails O’Dwyer has left me:

I wonder if O’Dwyer realizes that becoming a target of his blog is probably the best career move I’ve ever lucked into…?

4 thoughts on “O’Dwyer off the Deep End: A Beautiful Mind in its own Words

  1. Debra Bethard-Caplick says:

    I’m with you, Derek. The man is positively irrational about PRSA, and as a fellow target of his delusions, I can definitely understand your inability to get him to understand. He’s good at ignoring inconvenient things like facts when it gets in the way of his warped view of reality. It’s rather sad, actually. Makes me wonder how the man stays in business.

    I was amused to see the article listing me as arguing against changing the bylaw, when I actually voted in favor of it: http://www.odwyerpr.com/blog/comment.php?type=trackback&entry_id=1355

    I will also be one of those introducing a modified version of this amendment next year, incorporating the compromise changes that arose out of the delegate discussions online and at the Assembly, but could not be submitted due to the prior notification to the membership rule.

    Oh, by the way, for all the doubters out there: I was there when the flash mob idea was conceived, and there wasn’t a national board member, past or present, in sight.


  2. Jack O'Dwyer says:

    Hi Derek:

    I loved hearing your recordings of my voice mails.

    The main point is you’re on the run. You and the board should have a teleconference with me or otherwise you’re just as bad as the national board which has been ducking me (and the facts) for many years.

    You keep calling me lots of names but that’s not the answer here.

    I’m hoping your board will give me a fair hearing. You represented the chapter at the Assembly and then said you were a “goofball.” You called the others “goofballs” too and I wonder if they agree with that. You won’t give me any names.

    All your charges against me are false. I’m not a curmudgeon, nor “occasionally misguided” (name one instance), nor do I have trouble seeing reality (that is a problem of the Assembly which is hooked on APR), nor do I “exasperate” anyone except those who don’t want to hear the truth about the undemocratic ways of the Assembly.

    Big thing going on here is you won’t talk to me. You duck my phone calls. I have never ducked a single phone call in my life nor any attempt to meet with me.

    I welcomed Gary McCormick and Bill Murray to my office in March where they basically said I have ceased to exist for the Society. But they would never invite me to their offices to present my case. I had evidence of the massive copying the Society did of my articles, making hundreds of thousands of dollars from them (and other authors although I was the most copied).

    Would you like to see my four-page article on this?

    The Society’s undemocratic and information-withholding practices have reached grotesque proportions and are among the reasons 450 members signed the petition of the “Committee for a Democratic PRSA.”




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