How Online Piracy is Part of the Gay Agenda

At the suggestion of Boing Boing, I checked out the Linkbait Generator and it’s a brilliant example of the power of aggregated data (ie the future of human communication).  It’s like a Magic 8-Ball for blogging.

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It works by 1) analyzing the most highly-trafficked content on the web, 2) parsing out the formatting that makes it so irresistably-clickable, 3) randomly slapping buzz words into sentences carefully formulated to hack the reptile center of your brain.

Each time you refresh the page, a new meme-riddled gem will appear.  That’s where I got the title of this post (which I predict will receive far more traffic than most of my other posts – save my one about the Lost Finale which managed to strike a nerve and still continues to receive interesting and thoughtful comments).  You can also drop in your own key words and the Linkbait Generator will structure them in a compelling fashion.

Get in and enjoy the Linkbait Generator while it lasts, because it can’t last forever.  Like the Borg, we will eventually develop an immunity to these conventions when they’re invariably used by marketers to trick people into consuming content that doesn’t deliver on the promise (also called “business as usual”).

I’m off to write my next blog post (brilliantly suggested by the Linkbait Generator): “Eight Social Media-Themed Halloween Costumes”

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