If You Love Something, Set it Free: Why a Blog is > a Newsletter PDF

An Iron Maiden on Display at the Torture Museum in Amsterdam
An Iron Maiden on Display at the Torture Museum in Amsterdam (Only slightly more cruel than locking your stories away in a lame newsletter).

If your organization has a small budget, you need to seriously consider devoting your time to blogging instead of creating newsletters/magazines (even if you post them online as a PDF or a series of static webpages).  Here’s why:

  1. Searchability: PDFs make it difficult for search engines and other aggregation tools from finding your content and adding it to their indices so fewer people will happen across it when doing keyword searches.
  2. RSS: Newsletters/Magazines lock content away from people and prevent it from being viral.  With RSS, the hard work you put into writing articles and imagery to tell your story is maximized.
  3. Mobile Web:  Increasingly mobile phones/smartphones are the way people are connecting to web content; according to ComScore’s March 2010 numbers more than 30 percent of mobile phone owners browsed the web with their phone.  All that time and energy you spend laying out your magazine is wasted on these readers who won’t see your design in its 1024×768 glory, or likely won’t take the time to download a large PDF.

If you absolutely HAVE to have a print version of your publications?  No problem – START with the blog and services like Tabbloid or Feedjournal will take the RSS feed of your blog and turn it into a printable newsletter/magazine.

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