No Business Cards? How About Your QR Code?

Derek DeVries QR Code

QR (“quick response”) Codes are bar codes that can be scanned by most newer mobile phones (with cameras) to quickly transfer information. It’s pretty simple; you turn on the QR reader (which will use your phone’s camera) and the phone will recognize and decode the information contained in the barcode.  The new version(s) of Blackberry messenger incorporate QR codes to speed up the process of adding friends (it’s way better than trying to sync PINs).  The example above is basically my email signature as a QR code.

You’re likely already starting to see them plastered everywhere (I’m going to make sure I have mine on my next run of personal business cards).  If you want to generate your own QR code, (via Lifehacker) has a free one you can use (you can then save the file as an image and use it however you see fit):

6 thoughts on “No Business Cards? How About Your QR Code?

  1. mikepk says:

    This is very much along the lines of what I’m trying to do with . I think QRcodes have a lot of advantages over other electronic contact information sharing, and with the addition of an email decoder, I’m trying to make it easier to use (so even older phones can still decode them). Snapmyinfo is pushing the low end as well as the high end of barcode decoding. At the high end, the project is using augmented reality overlays on live video feeds to show decoded barcodes. I think we’re going to see a lot more of these codes in the very near future.


  2. Buddy says:

    Take it a step further and add vcard tags and it’ll go right into someone’s contacts. Here’s a template:

    FN:Forrest Gump
    ORG:Bubba Gump Shrimp
    TEL;WORK;VOICE:(555) 555-5555
    ADR;WORK;PREF:;;123 Main Street;Anywhere;AS;54321

    Here’s a free QR code generator:


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