Ta-tas and Tiaras: The Real Power in Social Networking

Success can be difficult to replicate because it’s hard to deconstruct.  There are too many variables, and it’s human nature to reduce the complex to a single silver bullet.  This happens a lot with social media (which often gets more credit than it deserves).

Others have written about this in explaining how Gary Vaynerchuk was able to create his own flash mob at SXSW one year after being unable to get into the Google party.  The take-away is that Vaynerchuk was able to draw a huge crowd in a matter of minutes not because of social media, but because he’d spent years cultivating relationships with people that he was able to flex USING social media.

Here’s a great example local to West Michigan of the power of social networks:

In grad school I met an astounding woman.  Her name is Adrienne.  Being around her feels like someone swapped all of the lightbulbs in the room for a higher wattage. She’s a force of nature.  In fact, odds are you know her.

She and two of her friends recently organized a “Queen for a Night” party to benefit the “Career Closet” for the Center for Women in Transition.    For those who have experience domestic abuse – it’s often a huge undertaking to break out on one’s own and earn a living in our appearance-conscious culture so they need professional clothing and apparel.

The event wasn’t meant to be anything huge – just a night of martinis, formal wear and tiaras at the posh City Flats Hotel in Holland – attendees were asked to bring their unwanted handbags, jewelry and other accessories.

It ended up being huge: they collected 24 laundry baskets full of purses (most of which were stuffed with jewelry) and another two trunks full of the same that one of their friends collected at work.  There are still more donations coming in from donation sites set up by people from 5/3 Bank, Meijer, Herman Miller, and Haworth who couldn’t attend.

The work of Adrienne “the divine”, Cynthia “the great”  (owner of Square Peg Events) and Jennifer “the radiant” (of Serendipity Publishing) wasn’t successful because of the copy they wrote, or the design of the flyer, or the fact that they used Facebook to get the word out.  It was successful because they have great relationships with a lot of people and everyone knows how personally they are invested in the cause.

As the traditional mass media continues its southward slide – these three gorgeous women are examples of what will replace it: (1) effective communicators (2) who are great at building relationships and (3) who are passionate about what they’re doing.  It’s a thing of beauty to see in action.

If you want to see photos of the event, they should be available soon at http://www.junebugphotoblog.com/

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