Tales of ORM: The Return of Pritam Iyer, Troll Extrordinare

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my brother (an insurance agent) had the bad luck to run across a disgruntled customer who decided to engage in a campaign of harassment online by posting false negative reviews of my brother’s business in online directories/review sites using various pseudonyms.  Virtually all of the comments were left either on the same day (in some cases using the same pseudonym) or within days of one another).

We were able to get the majority of them removed (though Google disappointed me by being the only organization that wouldn’t take action to remove the libelous content).  Unfortunately, the troll has returned.

I had refrained from naming the individual in the previous post  (hoping it was just an infantile gesture and that this individual didn’t fully understand what he was doing), but given that he’s now costing my family time and possibly money – I’m no longer affording him that courtesy.

The troll’s name is Pritam Iyer.

To recap: Iyer is angry because his application for a homeowners policy was denied because he attempted to commit fraud.  He signed an application for a standard homeowners policy, deliberately concealing that his mother was operating a business out of the residence (a fact quickly uncovered by the insurance company).  His money was refunded in full, but he’s decided to take out his anger that he was caught lying on my brother (a guy struggling to get a new business off the ground).

I’m somewhat disappointed because Yellowpages.com appears to have changed their policy and rejected my request to have the false negative reviews removed (whereas last time they promptly took action and wiped them from the directory).  What’s worrisome is that one of the reviews had notched 11 views – qualitative evidence that people are seeing these reviews and being influenced by them in their decision-making process.

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