The Unique Benefit of Livetweeting

LivetweetingIt’s a gross analogy (forgive me) but Livetweeting is great because it’s like pre-chewing someone’s food for them.

One of my favorite ways to keep up with lectures or conferences I can’t attend (moreso than streaming video) is by following those livetweeting them because they do the hard work of selecting/attending to speakers, parsing out the nuggets of valuable information, and distilling them into bite-sided morsels.  Then like a mother bird, they regurgitate it into our gaping maws.

Not only that, but they establish a tangible record one can reference later if necessary.

The downside is that concision demanded by 140 characters can cause problems of translation and mixed messages.  But it’s good enough for an era of Perpetual Beta.  In addition, there are typically multiple people livetweeting the same event and one can compare their conclusions to get a good idea of what is actually being said.

3 thoughts on “The Unique Benefit of Livetweeting

  1. Jason says:

    That’s awesome; I love the graphic and the idea. I’ve actually “attended” a conference or two via twitter and even had amazing success getting people there to send me pictures and video upon request too! Complete strangers are often happy to oblige. Another helpful incidental to social media is that it tends to have somewhat of a polarizing effect in that people tweet (or blog) about what they love or hate. Or love to hate? It helps cut through some the spin and marketing speak.

    – Jason


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