Is Syncing Your Social Media Presences a Good Idea?

There is a proliferation of tools that allow you to sync/integrate updates to your various social media presences through one interface (Friendfeed, Tweetdeck,, Digsby, Hootsuite, etc.).  They’re convenient, to be sure (they allow you to syndicate one message through multiple social media channels) – but is that a good idea?

That’s not a rhetorical question – I ask because I don’t know.

For starters, there’s the security concern (tying everything up together means that  much more is compromised if one’s account is hacked).  That’s less of a concern to me, though, than the problem of ignoring the unique characteristics/audience of each channel.  Twitter has an urgent, abrupt and personal nature that a blog doesn’t.  Facebook has (in the past) been for one’s personal social circle and LinkedIn is supposed to be reserved for colleagues and business associates – but that line is rapidly blurring.

The compartments we’ve tried to push various aspects of our lives into appear to be disappearing – and the thirst for convenience (particularly in an environment saturated by new social media ventures) appears to be merging everything into one life stream.  Or is it?  What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Is Syncing Your Social Media Presences a Good Idea?

  1. Paul OFlaherty says:

    There are so many social networks out there that it is hard to individually update each one which is why I have turned to tools such as and twitter-feed to help populate them with my updates.

    There are differences between the audience and followers on different networks. For example my Facebook and Twitter networks are two very different animals and I don’t generally update them with the same content.

    With careful use of tools, filters and rules you can update many networks at once yet keep the content distinctive and tailored. It takes work and effort, but once the mechanism is put in place it’s easy and rewarding.


  2. derekdevries says:

    Thanks for the input – that was my thinking too. I’d been seeing an increasing number of people pushing the exact same content out regardless of the audience and was getting worried about it as a trend.

    It would be great if a future generation of these integration tools could AUTOMATICALLY filter what you publish to your various audiences/platforms based on user-defined parameters (watching for certain keywords, content types, or one’s use of grammar/phrasing).


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