Managing Your College’s Online Reputation [via Community College Times]

An article I wrote for Counsel (the publication of the National Counsel for Marketing and Public Relations) just ran in the American Association of Community Colleges Community College Times:

Managing your college’s online reputation
Community College Times | By DEREK DEVRIES, Published December 7, 2009

Public relations pros are routinely familiar with the staff and editorial tenor of their local newsmedia. But how many are familiar with local bloggers or the distinct personalities of their local social media platforms?

Online reputation management (ORM) is the practice of applying public relations principles to the online world to protect and enhance a reputation. It includes everything from optimizing one’s Web site for search engines to monitoring and interacting with the audiences that inhabit social networking platforms.

It’s something everyone needs to be doing.

[Read the Rest or Read the List of Exercises/Resources to Try Out]

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