Google Zeitgeist 2009 Results

Every year, Google publishes what it calls “Year-End G0ogle Zeitgeist”; it sifts through all of the data collected throughout the year and creates a variety of “top ten” lists.  Examples include top ten “Fastest Rising (global),” top ten “Fastest Falling (global),”  in other categories like Entertainment, Sports, Food and Drink, etc.  They also sort them by region (filtering out national search terms).

For some inexplicable reason, (Grand Rapids Community College’s web address) appeared in the top ten searches for Detroit, MI:

Detroit, MI

  1. celebration cinema north
  2. opel news
  3. cinema carousel
  6. grandville public schools
  7. kent county jail
  8. huron valley schools
  9. rivertown crossings mall
  10. elps

I checked with our Institutional Research & Planning Department and we have very few students that come from Detroit (only a few dozen), so it’s unlikely those searches come from prospective students.  Unless the ranking is the result of some sort of glitch in the filtering process, my theory is that all of the events we host and content we publish (whether it’s through our YouTube site, or our various departmental projects) makes us a destination, but that’s only a theory without data to back it up.

One thought on “Google Zeitgeist 2009 Results

  1. Ollie Barker says:

    Go ahead and Google Zeitgeist addendum (watch it, you won’t regret it). After doing some research I believe a significant portion of the American population has quite simply lost their mind (so have I), it’s no ones fault, it’s merely a reaction to these purposeless, mundane, sheep-like lives we tolerate day in and day out. It’s inevitable that some of the people will no longer tolerate this nonsense and commit a few crimes. That’s why I support the Venus project, if everyone’s desires are realized, why would anyone be interested in committing a crime.


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