Twitter Poaching

If no one else has coined it yet, I’d like to throw a phrase into the zeitgeist:

“Twitter Poaching”: the practice of using social media to monitor the discussion about an industry or topic and look for opportunities to lure customers/stakeholders away from competitors by providing them with higher-quality customer service.

SouthWest Airlines (@southwestair) and Charter Communications (@CharterCom, @Umattertocharter) are experts at this already, and new organizations are adding this practice to their arsenal of promotional/recruitment tactics every single day.

Right now it’s a curiosity.  Soon it will become commonplace, and soon after that your audience will expect/demand it.  May as well invest now (and it will be an investment: knowledgeable personnel to monitor and respond as well as money to invest in new relationships with customers) when you can still get a little bit of credit for being an early adopter (though by the time I hit send on this post it may be too late).

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