PR and Timelessness

If you’ve been to any professional development programs about Social Media lately (and if you haven’t, I’m impressed that the rock you’re under has wi-fi), after they’ve thrown out some crazy and inspirational anecdotes about the transformational power of the tools and get down to the principles that should guide you in your forays, it probably sounds something like this:

  1. Be Transparent
  2. Be Authentic
  3. Be Responsive

Hmmm … sounds familiar

  1. Tell the Truth
  2. Prove it With Action
  3. Listen to the Customer …

It’s interesting to see that the massive changes taking place today as a result of tools like social media are revealing the durability of maxims like Arthur W. Page’s principles, which were first articulated by Page several decades ago (as telecomm director of AT&T…something current AT&T customers might find hard to believe).

The only difference today is that rather than relying (some would say naively) on the better angels of an organization’s nature to do the right thing by audiences – the power has shifted and the audiences can now punish those who don’t subscribe to the principles of transparency, fairness and consistency.

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