The Tools Leave You No Excuse

It used to be that one needed a strong command of java or flash to create dynamic, easily-navigable visual content on the web.  Not anymore. For an hour of your time and a tiny budget, anyone can now create aesthetically-pleasing content. Now the hardest part of the job is deciding which stories to tell about your organization and how best to tell them.

At Grand Rapids Community College where I work, our Secchia Institute for Culinary Education hosts a biennial event: the Nations Cup. It’s an “Iron Chef”-style cooking competition designed to foster international collaboration and build friendships between the students (who are rated not only on how well their dishes turn out, but how much they help their competitors).

This approach won’t work for everything and that’s the key.  Whatever your promoting needs to be of value to a group of people – if it’s not, don’t bother.  In fact – re-evaluate your business model.  You’re not going to be able to trick people into being interested in something they’re not – and they’ll resent you if you try.

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