File Under "Duh": Consumers Distrust Corporate Blogs

This shouldn’t be surprising:

Study: Consumers Distrust Corporate Blogs
Dec 9, 2008 | By Brian Morrissey | Adweek

“For the last several years, new marketing experts have implored corporations to “join the conversation,” namely through blogging. One problem: several years into the blogging phenomenon, not many consumers trust their blogs. A Forrester Research study found that only 16 percent of consumers trust what they read on blogs, a trust level below such hallmarks of veracity as direct mail and message board posts. Of all information sources, including traditional and interactive media, corporate blogs finished dead last in consumers’ eyes.” [Source]

Watching all of the writing and training seminars that are going on right now about incorporating social media into the mix of channels that corporations use to interact with their consumers is amusing because the approach most corporations are taking is so fundamentally-flawed. They’re woefully unprepared for the level of candor, intimacy and two-way communication that is inherent to blogs, microblogs, and social networking sites.

What needs to be understood is that these media require a highly personalized approach – and that the approach is a permanent, 24/7 commitment. If you’re going to interact with your audiences through these media, you can’t turn it off when it becomes uncomfortable or difficult – and if you do – the cost to your credibility will be higher than if you never embarked on the path to begin with.

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