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The Pimping of .EDU

It’s becoming standard operating procedure for power brokers (be they corporations or politicians) to attempt to ape the qualities of positively-perceived institutions rather than to build a better mousetrap. Astroturf groups are a great example. Rather than improve standards and refine quality, corporate America will dumb down the definition of “organic” so their factory-produced, bioengineered products apply. Rather than actually commit to sustainable practices, corporations contort the definition of “green” so that their decidedly unsustainable practices apply.

Interestingly, “Intelligent Design” [ie creationism] is using this same tactic; trying to dumb down the definition of “science” so that anything applies – including non-falsifiable, cultural mythology.

This is another move in that same sad direction; trying to couch [deceptive] advertising messages in the credible sheep’s clothing of educational institutions. Woe to the republic.

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